Where to Watch?

Games will be Broadcast by City of Guards TV.  (May Change)


Whose eligable?

18+ Years Old

NBA rostered players not eligible. 

Current NCAA Players not eligible. 

TBC Game Play?


NCAA Rules 

Defensive 3 seconds enforced


9 minute quarters, last 4 minutes stop in each quarter. 

6 Fouls

Elam Ending: 

1: Clock stops last 4 minutes. 

2. +8 added to leading teams score. 

3. 1st team to target score wins game. 

Bitcoin Reward

Each player from the winning team will be rewarded in Bitcoin. Player needs a valid email to recieve Bitcoin. Bitcoin is the only currency payout. 


Reason why we created TBC?

Create another platform for basketball players to compete in a well organized tournament against teams from all over the US. Most importantly, TBC will provide cryptocurrency & blockchain literacy for players and spectators. 


TBC Squad:

Yusuf aka Sef - Founder

  • City of Guards Non Profit

  • Whoyougot1v1.com

  • IG: @Cityofguards


Calvin aka Cal- Director of Social Media / Content

  • IG: @calsoscoped

Charvelle aka Velz- Director of Culture / Production

  • IG: @Veleasy

  • Veleasybeats.com

Alex Antuna aka The Voice of TBC

  • Beats & Basketball Podcast 

Nate Smith AKA NES- Multi Hats

  • Videography 


Jasmine Brunson- BlockChain Consultant ​

  • IG: @Blockchainculture

  • Blockchain & Bitcoin Educator 

Interested in joining the team please email Info@TheBitcoinClassic.com